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Build and deploy big data apps for the cloud and mobile.

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  • Open PaaS

    Open development platform supporting multiple languages and frameworks

    • SAP HANA Cloud Runtime for Java supports Java 6 and 7. Certified for Java EE6 Web Profile
    • Work with third-party frameworks, and languages that compile to Java including JRuby, Clojure, Scala and Groovy
    • Standards based services and open source supports a fast learning curve with the ability to reuse of existing libraries
  • Easy Data Connection

    Built for open integration with easy REST based API’s.

    • The Cloud Connector establishes a secure SSL tunnel between SAP HANA Cloud and on-premise or other cloud systems
    • Flexible configuration of connectivity destinations, separate from app lifecycle
    • Native integration with SAP HANA and 3rd party suites, both on-premise and in the Cloud, using REST and APIs
  • Use For Big Data

    Develop data intensive apps using real-time data processing with SAP HANA.

    • Persistency service offers structured storage using SAP HANA, MAXDB and Sybase ASE (JDBC)
    • Runs in a virtualized environment with isolated data per single tenant or share it across several tenants
    • Access your on-premise systems securely from the cloud

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